The Show


Middle Flight is a critically-acclaimed, professionally produced solo play, 65 minutes in length, which I have performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Brighton Festival Fringe, Cafe/Off Market Theatre in San Francisco, and in various schools, churches, and theatres across the US and UK.

John Milton's blindness forced him to rely on others to write down the verses he composed. Middle Flight is the confession of the poet's young Quaker amanuensis, Thomas Ellwood, and a haunting play about remembered love and elusive inspiration.

Closely based on the actual history, we hear the story behind Milton's tragic first marriage and potentially deadly political persecution, and of Ellwood's illicit love for Milton's second wife. We see the inside of a 17th century gaol, as Ellwood is imprisoned for his faith, hear a harrowing description of a plague-stricken London, and witness Milton's eccentric habits as he composes Paradise Lost.