Technical Requirements


A venue. Middle Flight is adaptable to nearly any space. Lights and a stage are nice, but not at all necessary. I've performed in classrooms, living-rooms, black boxes, and large auditoria. All that is strictly necessary is a minimum 10'x10' playing area, and space for the audience to sit.

A Chair. This is the only piece of scenery that Middle Flight needs. I always prefer that it be wooden and not look out of place in the 17th century, but so long as it's arm-less and solid enough to sit on I'm not that fussy.

A sound-system. Middle Flight has an originally composed musical score. Voice-amplification is unnecessary in any acoustically reasonable space. Your sound system should be able to accept a QLab plot, or have a place to plug my laptop in

A technician appropriate to your venue. They must be familiar with all of your venue's equipment, friendly, and reliable.

Tech time appropriate to your venue. In the most basic space this might be as little as half an hour to go over the script with the person running the music. In a more elaborately-appointed theatre, I will work with your technician to adapt your lighting and sound systems to the show.