I have an Masters in Fine Arts in Theatre Practice, and am an experienced teacher at the secondary and tertiary levels. Along with each performance of Middle Flight we can also schedule as many of the following classes as can be practically arranged.

An Introduction to Milton’s World

Recommended for all groups and venues. A fifty-minute classroom session adaptable to secondary or undergraduate students, or to adult groups. Effectively introduces religious dissent and secular life in 17th-century England; the Civil War and Cromwellian government; epic poetry; reading and understanding Paradise Lost; John Milton and his wives.


By prior arrangement. An introduction to dramatic form and structure, with an emphasis on writing for performance. Intended to take place over two days; students will read several dramatic texts, and write their own short scenes for presentation on the second day. Limited to 8 participants.


A two-hour workshops of basic acting techniques: voice, movement, improvisation, sense-memory, and textual-interpretation. Principals of stage combat can be taught upon request. Can be adapted for beginning to advanced students. Each session limited to 12 participants. Requires an adequate rehearsal space.