Open Quotes[Middle Flight] is a stunning monologue, as carefully constructed and paced as it is intelligently written.Close Quotes

-- The Scotsman

Open QuotesWith the spell-binding skill of a medieval bard [Aagaard] enacts the tale, slipping with admirable dexterity from the rigid posture of an old man to the flirtatious gestures of Milton's young wife.

The performance is engaging and passionate in a manner that belies its academic substance. For those with an interest in Milton or a voracious literary appetite Middle Flight is an intellectual feast.Close Quotes

-- Three Weeks

Open QuotesFinely crafted and highly atmospheric.Close Quotes

-- The Stage

Open QuotesI had been tepid toward Milton until I saw your play. Thank you for giving Milton a place in my heart!Close Quotes

-- Marilyn Glaim, PhD. Emeritus Professor of English.